Private Classical Guitar Lessons

Adam Holzman with Andres Segovia – New York Masterclass

If you are interested in private study with one of the worlds great masters of the classical guitar,
contact Adam Holzman for study in Austin, North Carolina, Vermont or on Skype.


Mr. Holzman resides in Austin, Texas where he is Full Professor of Guitar at the University of Texas.
He is available for summer study in Brevard, North Carolina where he heads the Brevard
Summer Music Festival Institute Guitar Program and the Brevard Adult Guitar Workshop
and for private study in Stowe, Vermont.


Year-round he is available for private lessons on Skype.
If you’re looking for classical guitar lessons Austin has a more than an average number of classical guitar teachers
thanks to the decades of teaching his students and mentoring graduates to build their own studios teaching guitar
lessons. If you are studying with Adam Holzman, you will be studying with one of the most recognized teachers of the
classical guitar in the US.