Brevard Music Festival

The Guitar Program at the Brevard Summer Music Festival
Summer Institute is for students ages 14-29. The students will
be studying all aspects of technique and musicianship.

Summer 2022 Dates: June 27- July 22rd 

Two 2-week half sessions, or one 4-week full session.

Areas of focus are:
      • Interpretation
      • Technique
      • Pedagogy
      • Chamber Music
      • Sound Production
      • Stage Deportment
      • Entrepreneurship
      • Competition Preparation
      • College Audition Preparation
      • Student have three options for attending:
      • Session One Three weeks (dates TBA)
      • Session Two Three weeks (dates TBA)
      • Long Session Six weeks  (dates TBA)
Here are the college and HS web pages on the Brevard website:
Competitive scholarships are available to all Summer Festival students.